Been Skating In Ready-To-Wear?

16 July 2020
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There's lots of reasons that skaters opt for ready-to-wear. It's easier to get your hands on, and there's not the same kind of time turn around. And it's probably a lot cheaper than getting a custom fit dress, right? Well, actually, getting a custom skating dress is not much more expensive than most of the ready-to-wear you can get. And the time that it takes to make a custom dress does not necessarily have to be a barrier Lots of competitions got canceled this year, and even now places are not sure when or how they're going to safely open back up. Read More 

Tips to Help You Put Together Unique Handmade Gifts With Online SVGs

27 April 2020
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Christmas might seem like it is a long ways away from now, but before you know it things will be cooling off and you will begin to wonder what you will give as gifts to some of your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. A handmade gift is always a great way to go with gift giving, especially when you can use your own creativity and resources to make something especially for the recipient. Read More 

How You Can Use Your Wardrobe To Make A Difference

27 February 2020
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When you put on your clothing each day do you do it with a particular purpose? Maybe you're the fashion guru amongst your group of friends and like being able to shock and awe with your ensembles. Or, you might be a simple sort of person who dresses for comfort above anything else. No matter which group you currently fall into, it's never too late to make a change. You can use your clothing to make a difference in the world, and it really doesn't take very much to make it happen. Read More 

Tips For Finding The Right Mattress For You And Your Bedroom

5 January 2020
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A mattress is one of the most important items you can buy for your home. Humans spend a third of their life lying down on one, so this is not an area where you want to get cheap. If your current mattress is falling apart or not getting you the rest you need, it might be time for a replacement or upgrade. Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking out a new mattress. Read More 

Area Rugs Are Useful And Beautiful Additions To Your Home

28 October 2019
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Area rugs give your home a cozy feel. Plus, they protect your carpeting and make stone floors quieter. There are many reasons to use area rugs and there are many sizes and colors to choose from. Here are some suggestions for choosing and using these rugs in your home. Consider The Size Before You Shop Area rugs often come in standard sizes, so if you want to know how a certain size rug will look in a room, then take a blanket and fold it into the right dimensions and place it on the floor. Read More