The Rise Of Remote Work: Setting Up A Home Office With Used Furniture

24 April 2023
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If you're like many people who've pivoted to remote work recently, you're probably using a corner of the living room or your bedroom as a home office — and you may be thinking that it's time for a real home office. However, you may also be feeling the bite of inflation and are reluctant to spend a lot of money on your own home office. Fortunately, budget-friendly solutions exist, including sourcing used office furniture for sale for your home office needs. Read More 

Add A Cohesive Element To Your Office Space

16 March 2023
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Custom plates can be used to add a cohesive element to all of the items that you would like to personalize within your office space. Learn about custom plates and decide which type of print or engraving style you would like added to the plate products that you purchase. Where To Secure Plates mailboxes cubbies desks walls pictures pencil caddies desk organizers doors Name Plates The list above outlines some items and surfaces that could benefit from the addition of a name plate. Read More 

Safety Razor Products—Close Shaves And Cost Savings

28 November 2022
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A double-edged safety razor is a versatile shaving tool that will provide a close shave and the option of using both sides of the razor when doing so. The barrel body, blades, and the number of pieces that a safety razor contains should be closely assessed when shopping for this type of shaving gear. Safety Razors Many safety razor products that are on the market today come with double-edged blades. A blade can be accessed by gripping the razor's handle along either side. Read More 

Where To Buy And How To Wear A Turquoise Pendant

20 September 2022
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If you want to buy a turquoise pendant necklace to add to your jewelry collection, then it's wise to know two things: where to buy this type of jewelry so you get an authentic piece and how to wear your pendant so you always look amazing and can get the most out of your collection. You can buy a turquoise pendant nearly anywhere jewelry is sold, but make sure you're buying a true turquoise piece because there are replicas out there. Read More 

Tips For Buying A Sandalwood Or Cedarwood Fragrance

16 June 2022
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If you're looking for a nice fragrance for yourself or to give as a gift, consider sandalwood, cedarwood, or a combination of the two. These are earthy fragrances that are suitable for men or women.  You can find sandalwood and cedarwood mixed with lighter fragrances to give them an even more complex scent. You could buy a fragrance like a 50 ML sandalwood cedarwood parfum spray as a graduation gift, birthday present, or to add to your own collection of scents. Read More