A Trip To Remember: Selling Souvenir Apparel In Paris, Texas

17 May 2021
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With a historic downtown and memorable landmark, Paris, Texas, is a destination for many who travel to the Lone Star State. While trinkets such as key chains and shot glasses are always popular, there is something about the look and feel of a sweatshirt or hoodie featuring a destination that is cherished the most. Offering quality apparel items that are directed towards tourists is an excellent way to share the history and culture of one's city. Read More 

What Is CBD?

8 March 2021
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When people hear cannabis, they tend to think of marijuana and getting high, but there's more than just that. Hemp is also a cannabis, and it doesn't have nearly the amount of THC that marijuana does. THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for getting high. CBD is another cannabinoid. Hemp has a whole lot of CBD in it. Products with CBD have become very popular recently, but many people aren't all that familiar with it. Read More