Fabric Outboard Motor Covers That Protect and Beautify

28 July 2021
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Outboard cowlings are a set of covers that are designed to protect the motor and driveshaft housing. The upper cowling provides drag reduction, muffles engine sounds, and reduces vibrations. The covers are exposed to water, salt, and sunlight whenever a boat is taken onto a body of water. As a result, painted surfaces are prone to fading, chipping, and scratches.

The Upper Cowling's Susceptibility To Damage

The bottom cowling is often constructed of an alloy that is rust-resistant. This top cowling may be constructed of sheet metal or thermoplastic materials. The top cowling is often painted and vinyl decals may be used to emblazon the brand name of a boat onto the top or sides of the cover.

While a boat is being transported or is actively used on a body of water, damage can occur. Even if a boating owner doesn't use their watercraft often or takes great care to protect the motor cover, the elements can cause visual and structural imperfections that necessitate repairs or the purchase of a new cover. 

Marine Grade Covers

Fabric motor covers are designed to slide over the upper cowling. Marine-grade fabric that contains venting will act as a shield. UV and water-resistant polyester fabric that contains a clip will fit snugly over a cowling. Upon properly installing a cover, an outboard motor will be protected while a watercraft is being transported, dry or wet-docked, or operated on a body of water.

When shopping for a cover, use your boat's exterior and interior colors to guide you in choosing a fabric product that looks as if was customized for your boat. Camouflage, racing stripes, logos, and solid colors are used to create a line of outboard covers.

Choose a product that is made of polyester or polyester that contains an acrylic coating. Review product lines, to learn about various cover types and their care requirements. A UV repellent may lose its effectiveness after a while and will need to be redone. Some cover manufacturers sell a protectant product that can be sprayed onto a cover to refresh the fabric as needed.

Measurements And Installation Techniques

The measurements of the motor cover will determine how large the fabric cover that you purchase should be. Fabric covers contain a bottom opening that is designed to slip over the upper cowling's surface. An outboard cover is made of a tight weave that is stretchy. Along the bottom, there will be two straps that need to be secured together once a cover has been installed.

For more tips, contact an outboard motor cover company, such as Endurance Outboard Motor Covers, to learn more.