Tips For Choosing An Area Rug When You Have Kids

4 October 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


When you have kids, putting down an area rug can, in many ways, be a better choice than having the floor carpeted from wall to wall. If the kids eventually stain and ruin the rug, you can just roll it up and replace it. Plus, rugs tend to be cheaper than carpets, which means you'll have more money left in the budget for things like toys and family getaways. But how do you go about choosing the best area rug with your kids' needs in mind? Here are a few tips.

Look for a detailed pattern

Rather than choosing a solid-colored rug or one with big chunks of a few colors, look for a rug with a more intricate geometric pattern. These detailed patterns do a better job of hiding spills and stains. For example, if your child spills ketchup on a rug with a detailed, small pattern, it will be less obvious than a red stain on a solid blue rug! Plus, a rug with a lot of different colors in it is more versatile. If you and your kids decide to re-paint the room one day, you'll find your choice of wall colors will match the rug much easier.

Opt for nylon pile

The pile is the soft part of the rug that you actually step on. You can find rugs with pile made from wool, cotton, and an array of other materials. But when choosing an area rug for kids, you really want to select one with a nylon pile. Nylon does not absorb moisture as quickly, which means it will be easier to wipe up any spills before they stain the rug. Nylon also tends to be a bit slippery, so dust and pet hair vacuum up out of it more easily. This is important when kids will be spending time sitting and laying on the rug frequently.

Make sure you have slip-resistant backing

Check to make sure the area rug you buy has a really grippy, slip-resistant backing. This way, the rug won't slide across the floor if a child jumps onto it or moves around on it. You also won't have to worry so much about the rug scratching the floor underneath it if your kids decide to move it around.

Area rugs can be great for families with kids. However, you do need to pay close attention when choosing a rug. The pattern, type of pile, and type of backing are all important. Keep these tips in mind when looking for rugs near you.