Three Promotional Umbrellas To Order

8 December 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


If you're looking for a unique promotional product that your company or organization can give out, give some thought to umbrellas. Most promotions companies have several types of umbrellas that you can customize in colors that suit your organization, as well as add branding details such as your name, logo, and website URL. Umbrellas are an item that a lot of people will find handy in all sorts of applications. As people carry their umbrellas with your information on them, others will see your organization's name and may decide to check you out. Here are three umbrella options that you may wish to consider.

Everyday Umbrella

An everyday umbrella is fairly small in size, allowing people to carry it with ease whenever they want. Some people carry everyday umbrellas in their vehicles in case they're caught in a storm, while others keep them next to their doors at home or even in their offices at work. Most promotions companies can offer you the ability to customize an everyday umbrella with information that can help to promote your organization. You may then wish to hand them out at events in the springtime if your area experiences a lot of rain at this time of the year.

Golf Umbrella

Another option that promotions companies often have available is a golf umbrella. This umbrella is larger in size than an everyday umbrella, which allows it to offer more coverage to those who use it. As its name suggests, this is an umbrella that a lot of people carry while golfing. Many golf bags have a specific place to carry an umbrella, so when you hand out branded golf umbrellas to people who enjoy golfing, they might carry this product on the links for several years to come. Even those who don't golf can benefit from this promotional product, as its size makes it useful for protecting two people — for example, a parent might carry it while walking their young child to school.

Patio Umbrella

If your organization has a large budget, you might wish to order some custom patio umbrellas. These umbrellas are more expensive than everyday and golf umbrellas, so you might not want to simply give them out randomly at events. Instead, you might favor designing them to feature your company's name and colors and then giving them to special clients or partners in the community with the hope that they'll use them at home or even at their business if it has an outdoor patio area. Contact a promotions company to learn about what umbrellas it can customize for you. You can also ask about other promotional products you might be interested in as well.