What Is CBD?

8 March 2021
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When people hear cannabis, they tend to think of marijuana and getting high, but there's more than just that. Hemp is also a cannabis, and it doesn't have nearly the amount of THC that marijuana does. THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for getting high. CBD is another cannabinoid. Hemp has a whole lot of CBD in it. Products with CBD have become very popular recently, but many people aren't all that familiar with it. 


This is short for cannabidiol. Of the active ingredients in cannabis, this the second most common of them. Most CBD is gotten from hemp, partially because the CBD content is so high and partially because it's easier to grow larger hemp crops to generate the CBD. It is fairly easy to get CBD products in most places, and if you can't find what you are looking for locally, you may be able to find it online. CBD products can be found in grocery stores, pharmacies, and natural food stores. So, you may be wondering what CBD can do for you. It's important to remember that CBD is still being studied, so there is always new information about what CBD can and can't do for you. 


There is a prescription medication for epilepsy that includes CBD that the government has approved. This medication has to be prescribed by a medical professional, and it may not be appropriate for all people who have epilepsy. 

Pain Control

There is a lot of evidence that CBD products have helped people who deal with chronic pain issues. The products can be topical applications, like creams, salves, and ointments. The person using these products would rub these products right into the sore places. They can also eat something that has CBD in it, like a piece of candy. CBD can also be taken as a tincture. In order to take a tincture, you just put a few drops under your tongue and let it absorb. All three methods in using these products have different timelines about how quickly the effects are felt and how long the effects will last. It may take some trial and error to find out what works best for you. It may be one thing. It may be a combination of things. 

If you have heard people talking about CBD and cannabis, you may not know what it is. However, it can be helpful in many situations.