Satisfying Your Nicotine Craving: 3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Each Puff Of Your E-Cigarette

13 July 2015
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To satisfy nicotine cravings without the lingering taste of tobacco, many Americans are relying on e-cigarettes. In fact, the prevalence of e-cigarette use has been on the rise for the better half of this decade, and the numbers continue to rise. 6.2% of Americans used e-cigarettes in 2011 – up from 3.3% in 2010.  E-cigarettes are appealing because they eliminate the taste of tobacco and replace it with more attractive options, such as fruity flavors, minty flavors and more.

Invest in a High Quality Battery and Charge It

Making sure you have a good battery will make a world of a difference. Use a battery with a higher capacity because it will result in a fuller puff before the voltage begins to dip. Smaller batteries do not tend to have the same capacity or performance, as they cannot deliver the amount of power needed for high-load attachment demands. In addition, low-resistance attachments are preferred because they can convert more of the energy in the battery into watts. This will create fuller vapor production for a more satisfying puff.

After investing in a high quality battery, remember to keep your e-cigarette fully charged before you using it.  A dip in voltage will result in diminished vapor production, which produces less puff for a milder experience. Always charge your e-cigarette's batteries if you're not using it.

Prime Your Puffs

If you're looking for the highest quality experience possible, opt out of using automatic batteries and go for a manual one instead. There is a short delay between the vapor production and the e-cigarette being drawn, which can result in smaller puffs of vapor. This can diminish the quality of your experience because you'll get a lot less flavor.

Manual batteries, on the other hand, allow you to prime your puffs by simply holding down on the button for a few seconds ahead of time. Technically speaking, you can achieve the same results with an automatic battery if you take one or two primer puffs that are quite short in length before trying for a longer puff. This technique can be difficult for some smokers to master. You might have to try several times before you get the hang of it, but it's definitely worth trying.

Make Sure You Put the Right Amount of E-Liquid In

The e-liquids you fill into your e-cigarettes are made from a base of propylene glycol or glycerin. Some of the newer e-liquids are made up of a mixture of the two. These bases are responsible for stabilizing the base flavor, which will produce a smoke effect when vaporized. The heating coil is wrapped around a wick, and will heat up the e-liquid in order to produce the vapor, which is inhaled. Any residual heat inside the e-cigarette is then responsible for forcing more of the e-liquid to enter into the connected reservoirs and tanks. The end result is a fuller and more flavorful puff.

If you add too much e-liquid into your e-cigarette, you are actually reducing the quality of the flavor rather than enhancing it. This is because the wick is already fully saturated. If you add too much liquid, there won't be enough airflow through the atomizer, which results in a puff that is less full and less flavorful as well. 


Knowing how to use your e-cigarette can make a world of a difference to the overall quality of the experience. Make sure you purchase an e-cigarette from a reputable and known brand, as the quality of the parts and the design also matters a lot. For example, check out an online supplier, such as After that, you can just enjoy the flavorful experience associated with using e-cigarettes.