Infant Summer Photo Shoots: Costume Ideas For 4 Exterior Locations

1 April 2016
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Spending the first summer with an infant is a great way to share experiences and capture memorable photos. Taking your infant out to experience fresh air is great as long as they are protected from the sun. Dressing your child in infant costumes is a great way to add skin protection, create fun themes for photos, and have lasting memories to look back on for years to come. Browse through four exterior locations and various costumes that your baby can wear for taking pictures.


The beach is a great way to show your baby the water and take some fun themed pictures. When choosing costumes for beach photos, there are a number of different themes you can select from.

  • Ocean Animals: Purchase infant costumes that feature ocean animal designs like crabs, lobsters, star fish, sharks, and whales. When your child is sitting near the water, the costume looks great and creates a flowing theme.
  • Beach Elements: Various costumes can be purchased that transform your infant into a beach element like seashells. Different seashells designs include various colors or an open-shell concept where the baby's head looks like a pearl in an oyster.


Visiting parks is a great way to enjoy large fields, fresh air, and open areas. Dress your infant up in a variety of costumes to match park themes. For example, parks on commonly known for picnics. You can set up a picnic area and dress up your child as an ant. Then you can create a whimsical picture of baby crawling on the picnic blanket in the ant costume.

Parks are also known for gardens and flowers. Dress up your child as a flower like a daisy or colored spring flower. You can position them in front of the garden area to help them blend in and snap an image.


Bringing your infant on a forest trail is a great way to share experiences. Capture those memories while you dress your infant up for the new adventures. Forest animals are cute for infants and there are a number of different styles created in small sizes. Examples include bears, foxes, and raccoons. Hoods that are naturally built into many of these costumes to help protect your infant from sun or cold air.

Insect costumes another option for dressing up your infant in the forest. Butterflies, caterpillars, or even something like a cute spider can create cute images that blend naturally in the forest. You can even pair up costumes to match your infant. For example, you could wear the butterfly costume while your child wears a caterpillar costume. These matching themes can create fun memories for you and your child to look back on in the future.

Carnivals & Amusement Parks

Take your child to a local amusement park or carnival to discover vibrant colors and a lot of photo-taking opportunities. The carnival theme naturally presents itself with a number of costume ideas for your baby. Dressing your child up like a clown is a fun way to fit in with the theme. A clown jumpsuit can fit right over your baby's normal clothes and features a mix of colors and whimsical designs. The costume can be paired with a small curly clown wig that also protects your infant's head from the sun.

Match carnival sideshow attractions by purchasing a small muscle suit costume for your infant. A muscle costume can represent classic carnival attractions like the "World's Strongest Man". This is a fun costume to display and take pictures in front of carnival designs, decorations, and stages.

Additional carnival costume ideas includes cartoon characters that match the theme park. If a specific theme park has mascots, then you purchase matching costumes to dress the child in. When meeting the mascot, your infant can have a picture taken in the same outfit as the mascot.

When purchasing infant costumes for the summer, it's a good idea to estimate the size and purchase one that is a little bit bigger so it isn't too small when the time comes around.