What to Look for When Choosing a Work Boot

21 February 2017
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Don't think your feet are important? Injure them while on the job. Not only will work be near impossible, but completing everyday tasks becomes a challenge. Keep your feet protected with the right work boot while on the job. If you don't know what to look for, here are some tips to help you get started.  

Puncture Plate

Look for an option that comes equipped with a puncture plate. The puncture plate is a thin structure that is installed just above the outsole, creating an additional barrier between the ground and your feet. If you work in an area where it's common to find nails, glass or other sharp objects on the ground this feature is important because it prevents these items from reaching your foot, helping you avoid an injury.

Metatarsal Guard

Even if the item is not heavy, if it fails from a great enough distance, the weight and gravity from the fall can injure your foot. A metatarsal guard helps you avoid this risk. This guard is designed to cover the span from your toes to your upper foot. In the event a heavy object does fall on your foot, the guard will absorb much of the weight. Without this guard, your foot would absorb this weight which could easily lead to broken bones.

Rubber Outsole

To decrease your risk of a slip and fall, look for work boots that have a rubber outsole. Rubber is often the preferred choice because it is highly slip resistant, abrasion resistant and it can also increase the comfort level of the boot. If you work in an environment where it is not uncommon to have oil, water or other liquids on the ground, wearing a boot with a rubber outsole is critical.

Added Insulation

If you work in a very cold environment, such as outside during the winter, it's a good idea to consider selecting a work boot that comes along with added insulation. Boots that fit into this category are designed with special materials that help keep your feet warm, regardless of the outdoor temperature. Keep in mind that you only want to wear these boots in the cold, otherwise they will make your feet too warm.

Your feet are too important for you to neglect. Don't just choose any type of work boot. Ensure you are choosing an option that will protect your feet and keep you safer while on the job. For more information, contact a business such as Industrial Shoe Company.