Looking To Buy Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment? What Factors You Should Look For

27 June 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


Buying commercial restaurant equipment for a new place can add up quickly. If you are looking to buy any equipment for your restaurant, you may be looking at purchasing used equipment to help save money. Used equipment is typically substantially less than buying new equipment, making this the perfect choice when money is tight. But before you pull the trigger and buy a piece of used equipment, there are a few things that you should carefully consider about the equipment. Here are three factors you should carefully consider as you look to purchase used commercial restaurant equipment. 

The Maintenance and Care Records

Commercial restaurant equipment should be properly cared for and maintained. The owner may have the unit inspected to ensure the equipment is functioning, they may have it professionally cleaned or they may have it repaired as needed. A great owner will keep all of these maintenance records and provide them when they sell the unit. A properly maintained piece of equipment typically lasts longer than a piece that is not maintained, giving you peace of mind that the unit you are purchasing will last. 

The Ability to Find Replacement Parts

Another important factor to consider before purchasing used commercial restaurant equipment is how readily available replacement parts are for the type of equipment you are looking at buying. You may not need replacement parts right off the bat, but down the road, you may. If the parts are hard to come by, the repair may take longer. If the parts are impossible to find, a repair may not even be an option. Contact a few commercial restaurant repair companies to find out how easy the parts are to obtain for the equipment you are looking at buying. 

Warranty Information

The last important factor to consider when you are looking to purchase a piece of commercial restaurant equipment is whether the equipment has a warranty. Some equipment may still have the factory warranty, which can be transferred to you. Other equipment may come with a warranty from the company selling you the commercial equipment. Always consider what type of warranty the equipment comes with, how long the warranty is and what the warranty covers. 

Buying used restaurant equipment may help you to save money. But if the equipment has not been properly-maintained, if you can't readily find replacement parts, or if the unit does not come with a warranty, the equipment may not be as good a deal as it seems. Carefully look at all of these factors as you look to purchase commercial restaurant equipment to help ensure you are getting a quality used piece.