Tips for Purchasing Ballistic Helmets for Your Police Force

1 October 2018
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There is no doubt that police officers have incredibly dangerous jobs. Thus, it is becoming more and more important for police departments to do everything possible to protect their officers while they are on duty. One thing that has become increasingly popular is providing ballistic helmets for police officers to use in highly dangerous situations, such as an active shooter situation. Ballistic helmets are designed to provide the highest level of protection to the head area in the event that someone shoots at an officer. If you are in charge of purchasing gear and equipment for a police department, consider using the tips below for ordering ballistic helmets for your police force.

Avoid Surplus Military Helmets

In an attempt to provide ballistic helmets while also cutting costs, some police departments choose to purchase surplus military helmets. While this may seem like a good idea in theory, it is usually not the best option. Surplus military helmets are usually several years old, are no longer under warranty, and don't offer the same level of protection that new ballistic helmets do with the latest technology. Instead of spending money on older helmets, consider applying for grants that can make it possible to purchase high-quality, brand-new ballistic helmets for your police force.

Shop Around

The expense of ballistic helmets has always been an obstacle for police forces. However, in the past several years, more manufacturers have begun making ballistic helmets. This increase in the number of helmet suppliers has helped decrease the price of a ballistic helmet. Thus, it is well worth your time to shop around and get price quotes from several different ballistic helmet suppliers in order to find the best deal. If possible, try to place an order for all of your officers' helmets at the same time so you can qualify for lower, bulk prices.

Ask for Full Testing Documentation

Unlike other protective gear designed for police officers, there is no current helmet certification that makes it possible to quickly analyze the specifications of a ballistic helmet and determine what level of protection it provides against bullets of different calibers. Thus, if you plan on purchasing ballistic helmets for your police force, always request full documentation from a manufacturer before you place an order for a specific type of helmet. Doing so will help ensure that you order ballistic police helmets have been proven to provide adequate protection to a person's head.