Candle Lanterns – The Perfect Gift For Difficult Recipients

4 December 2018
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Some people are impossible to buy gifts for – they either have everything, or they don't have many interests to consider as you look for the perfect gift. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a difficult recipient, look no further. Here, you'll find some ideas for gifting candle lanterns to your friends and loved ones.

Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns have grown in popularity since the flameless candles have taken over the market. Now that you don't have to mess around trying to light the small wick inside a lantern, or worrying that it could fall over and catch fire, you can gift candle lanterns without having to worry about contributing to anyone's house catching on fire.

Candle lanterns can be found for use inside or outside. So, if you're not sure if the recipient of the gift has the space for the item inside, you can purchase one of the outdoor units or one of the indoor and outdoor units.

Do you want to make it a little more personal of a gift? Candle lanterns can be found with messages etched or scribed into the glass panels on the sides – you can even go so far as to have the candle lantern personalized.

Tip: Etching the glass on a candle lantern is very easy, so if you find a lantern design that you like, but you want to add a personal touch to it, you can do so with nothing more than a glass-etching kit, some paintbrushes, and paper towels.

Creative Uses of Candle Lanterns

Yes, candle lanterns can be placed on the dining room table with some flowers creating a perfect centerpiece, but there are so many more thing that can be done with these lanterns.

Hanging the lanterns makes them easy to use in just about any space. They can be strung from the ceiling, or wall-mounted brackets can be used. Out in the yard, you can pick up little lantern hook posts and put them up anywhere.

Note: One thing that a lot of people are doing with candle lanterns is placing them at the headstones of their loved ones. The battery-operated flameless candle can be set to turn on as the sun goes down and turn off when it rises again in the morning. This will create such a beautiful sheen of light around the place where your loved one lies.

Start shopping around for candle lanterns. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many designs and options you'll have to consider – it will be impossible to not find one perfect for each person on your gift list.

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