The Business Traveler's Guide To Selecting Carry-On Luggage

12 February 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


As a business traveler, you travel from city to city on what seems like a never-ending basis. From reading material to headphones to neck pillows, you make sure you're prepared for every journey, but what about your carry-on luggage. Given your travel demands, high quality, durable luggage is essential. Make sure you know how to select the right piece.

Hard vs. Soft

Always choose hard sided carry on luggage. Hard-sided pieces are just inherently more durable because they are less susceptible to ripping and moisture damage. However, these selections also do a better job of protecting your belongings. In the event of a full flight where you have to check your carry on, you will have greater confidence that your belongings will remain intact. 

Trolley System

Find out the exact measurements of the trolley system, which is the handlebar that allows you to roll the bag. The measurements are important because you want to choose a bag with a trolley system that is long enough to allow you to transport the bag easily. A trolley system that is too short will cause you to bend over to pull the bag, which can strain your back. 

Wheel Rotation

You should also look for a carry-on bag with a 360-degree wheel rotation instead of the standard, backward and forward rotating wheel. A 360-degree rotation is so much easier because you can turn the bag in any direction without every lifting if off the ground. With a more limited wheel rotation, you have to lift the luggage to change its direction. A full wheel swing makes it easier to move through the airport. 


Ensure the carry on has a lock. Sure, a carry on will remain with you during the flight, but as previously stated, there are those instances when passengers have to check their bags when overhead cabin space is limited. If you have important records in the bag or even costly valuables, a lock is an excellent source of protection against the unknown. 

Convenience Features

To get the most from your bag, look for some convenience features too. For example, there are carry-on bags with built-in charging ports that you can use as a battery backup on a long day of travel. There are even bags with built-in scales. So, if there are weight restrictions for carry-on bags, you will know what your bag weighs before you arrive at the airport. 

Make sure you take your time to find the right piece, you don't want to simply choose the first option you discover. After all, the right luggage can make your travel so much easier.