Identifying Casual Footwear From Other Types Of Footwear: A Guide

4 September 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


Not everyone can be a "fashionista". Not everyone knows just about everything there is to know about clothes, shoes, and accessories. For example, how much do you know about casual footwear? You may think that just because you wear something casually, that makes it casual; not so. In fact, there are some identifying features to casual footwear, and even some descriptors that help you identify the casual shoe from all other kinds. Take a look. 

The Shoes Are Not Designed to Be Dressy or Made for Sports

Dress shoes are not casual shoes. They are clearly meant to be worn with suits, dresses, and fancier clothes or business attire. Europeans might go about with dress shoes on all day, but Americans typically do not for comfort reasons. Likewise, any shoe that is specifically made for participation in athletics or sports are not casual shoes either, although a great many Americans will wear running shoes or basketball shoes as "tennis" shoes or "sneakers" in a more casual fashion. If you are wearing either of these types of shoes as casual shoes, you would be considered wrong by fashion gurus. 

Water Shoes Are Not Shoes Either

Water shoes are technically not shoes at all. They are simply foot coverings to help protect your feet from shards of glass and jagged stones in the water. They also protect your feet from nibbling water creatures. You would not wear these walking about town, so they are not considered a casual shoe either. 

Slippers Do Not Count 

Slippers, even when they have treaded soles as some bedroom mules do, are casual, in a sense. However, they are not casual shoes. You can certainly wear slippers about the house and out into the yard, but if you would not wear them to the grocery store or shopping mall, they do not count. 

Sales Labels That Specifically Say "Casual Footwear"

Here is a tip that can help. Look at the sales tag and description of the shoe the next time you shop. "Casual athletic style footwear" means that you get a shoe that looks like a running shoe but is actually a casual shoe. Deck shoes, canvas shoes, and other simple footwear are also casual shoes. Anything that does not fit into any other category of shoe and is not described as another category of shoe is a casual shoe. If you can literally wear certain shoes anywhere for no specific purpose and with no particular dress style in mind, then it fits with the casual shoe category. 

For more information about casual footwear, contact a shoe store in your area today.