Area Rugs Are Useful And Beautiful Additions To Your Home

28 October 2019
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Area rugs give your home a cozy feel. Plus, they protect your carpeting and make stone floors quieter. There are many reasons to use area rugs and there are many sizes and colors to choose from. Here are some suggestions for choosing and using these rugs in your home.

Consider The Size Before You Shop

Area rugs often come in standard sizes, so if you want to know how a certain size rug will look in a room, then take a blanket and fold it into the right dimensions and place it on the floor. You usually want to keep a border between the rug and wall, and this can help you visualize how a rug will look in a hallway or room. Also, you may want to flip through home décor magazines when thinking about buying a rug for your living room or bedroom.

Of course, you can put a rug anywhere you want it, but it's common to make a large rug the centerpiece of a room and place the sofa and chairs, dining set, or bed on the rug. If you don't want to buy a large rug, then you can buy smaller ones and place them beside the furniture instead.

Think About The Fibers

If you're buying a rug to save wear and tear on your carpet, then think about how well the rug will stand up to foot traffic in your home. Rugs in hallways or next to doors should be made of a material that's easy to clean. You probably want smaller rugs in areas that will need to be cleaned often so you can remove the rugs for cleaning when necessary. Another idea is to layer rugs so smaller rugs can protect room-size rugs for everyday use.

In addition to wear and tear from foot traffic, your rug may wear down due to pets or exposure to UV rays through windows. Anticipating the things that can harm your rugs helps you spend your money wisely. You may want to save expensive luxury rugs for living rooms or bedrooms that get more gentle treatment than the flooring in a kitchen or family room.

Use Rugs For Decor

Area rugs are not only useful, but they can also be beautiful additions to a room. If your furniture, drapes, and walls are a neutral color, a colorful rug can brighten a room. Another benefit of area rugs is that you can change them when you want a new look, which is a more affordable option than replacing the carpet or other types of flooring. The hard thing about buying a new rug is deciding on the best color and pattern to complement your home. However, you'll have plenty of choices, so consider how the rug will be used and how the pattern and color will blend into your decorating theme when choosing your rug.

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