Consider These Finishes For A Unique Faucet Look

23 October 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


When you think about the appearance of a kitchen faucet, there's a good chance that you picture this fixture having a silver finish. Whether it's made of stainless steel, aluminum, or another material, faucets are readily available in an assortment of silver hues. While this look can work well in many different kitchens, you might be shopping for a new faucet with a different look. Your best bet is to visit a retailer that has a large selection of plumbing fixtures, as this will make you aware of the wide range of other finishes that are available. Here are some less-common options that you might find appealing.


You'll often come across kitchen faucets that have black finishes, and this may be a look that appeals to you. This is especially true if you have a kitchen that has other black elements, as you'll want the faucet to match. For example, if your kitchen backsplash has some black tiles in it that are a good visual fit with the faucet, this may be a product to think about buying. You'll often find that most black faucets have a matte finish, although you may occasionally come across those that are shiny.


If you want to go in a different direction, look for kitchen faucets that have a bronze finish. You'll find a wide range of finishes that fall within this category, including faucets that have a bright bronze look and those that are more muted. The latter, in particular, can be a good choice if you're remodeling your kitchen to have a rustic appearance. If so, you should look for a bronze faucet that is labeled as "bronze antique." It will be a good visual complement to a rustic kitchen.


The average kitchen often has a number of white elements, including appliances, backsplash tiles, trim around windows, and more. If you're in favor of this hue, a white faucet may be something to shop for. Some faucets are entirely white, while others include parts that have other finishes. For example, a white faucet may have a silver tip. White can give this part of your kitchen a clean and minimalist look, which may be appealing for some homeowners. If you're someone who enjoys having unique features in your home, a white faucet may also be a desirable choice because you may not know other people with this style of fixture.

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