3 Pretzel Shapes To Make Besides The Traditional Loop

7 March 2022
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The majority of pretzels you purchase or make will form into the pretzel loop, also known as a symmetrical loop. Even though the shape is ideal for snaking and cooks evenly, you can play around with pretzel shapes when you make your own options. As you cook with a gluten-free soft pretzel baking mix, look for some unique shapes to try.

The shapes not only look different but can provide unique ways to enjoy your pretzels with dips and other foods.

1. Muffin Pan Pretzel Bowls 

Use pretzel dough to make small bowls ideal for dips or fillings. Flip a muffin pan upside down and lightly spray the underside of the muffin cups. Spread the dough out over each cup so it is covered and makes the bowl shape. Follow the baking instructions on the package and monitor the pretzels to ensure they do not overcook.

Once done, pull the pan out, add pretzel salt and let the bowls cool. Pull each one off gently and flip them over to reveal the opening of the bowl. Fill the bowl with a dipping sauce like ranch or cheese. Use regular shaped pretzels to dip inside the bowl. Once the bowl is empty, each the rest of the bowl. Whatever dip you added will soak right into the pretzel dough.

2. Musical Notes

Roll pretzel dough into a long rope-like shape like you typically would create a pretzel loop. Instead of forming a loop, use the dough to create a musical note. The note will have fewer gaps than a traditional pretzel. The ends of the musical note provide a nice area to grip the pretzel and dip it if needed.

The closed-off top of the pretzel is ideal for toppings like melted cheese or a combination of cinnamon and sugar. Musical note designs are fun for children and great for serving during a party where music plays. Make shapes with all different musical note designs.

3. Sport Shapes

Use pretzel dough to create a number of fun sports shapes. For example, you can form the shape of a football, basketball, or baseball using pretzel dough. Roll the dough into thin shapes and then form it on the pan into the shape of the sports ball. The dough spreads as it cooks, so do not overcrowd the design with too many lines.

Along with ball shapes, consider other designs like a baseball mitt or hockey stick. Design a basic shape and see the shapes come to life once the pretzel bakes.

The more you cook with pretzel mixes, the more you will learn how to manipulate the dough and create unique shapes.

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