Where To Buy And How To Wear A Turquoise Pendant

20 September 2022
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If you want to buy a turquoise pendant necklace to add to your jewelry collection, then it's wise to know two things: where to buy this type of jewelry so you get an authentic piece and how to wear your pendant so you always look amazing and can get the most out of your collection.

You can buy a turquoise pendant nearly anywhere jewelry is sold, but make sure you're buying a true turquoise piece because there are replicas out there. Howlite, which is a soft mineral material that is dyed to resemble turquoise, is a common stone. To have the best experience buying and appreciating a turquoise pendant necklace, follow this guide.

Where to buy turquoise 

The best place to buy a turquoise pendant or a raw stone you can use to turn into a turquoise necklace is a gem or rock shop or a jewelry store. This way, you can explore your options in person and can explore the different color combinations of the pieces you like as well as the size and shape of them.

Your jeweler or gemstone store owner will show you various turquoise options you can consider to get the most out of your investment. They can also turn a piece of turquoise into a pendant necklace if you want them to.

How to wear turquoise

Since turquoise doesn't have a natural sheen and is beautiful when placed in sterling silver and white gold settings, you can wear it with winter and cool-type clothing. If you wish to wear a turquoise pendant necklace with warmer-toned clothing and accessories, then look for pendant pieces in turquoise that are fitted in gold, rose gold, or even yellow gold settings.

When choosing a turquoise piece to wear, it's wise to pick just one staple turquoise piece rather than a whole bunch at one time. This way, you can create a focal point for your pieces so they can be showcased beautifully. Your turquoise pendant necklace can be paired with other smaller pieces as an accent, but try to avoid wearing multiple pendants at once so you can get the best effect for what you do wear. Your turquoise pendant necklace can be the main piece for all your regular or workday attire to pull your outfits together nicely.

Visit a local jewelry store or gem shop to learn more about turquoise necklaces, including 18 in. turquoise pendant necklaces